This hugging business just got real

This is a follow up on my “Hug a Ranger” post of last week.

St. Louis County Commissioner Keith Nelson wrote me to clarify that the “Hug a Ranger” brochure the county put out to market the region’s impact and importance in the state included a typographical error. The claim that nonferrous mining would produce 7,000 jobs by “2013” should have read “2030.” I still think that claim is high, but the extra 17 years add a layer of possibility to the argument. The minerals do exist. That much is geologically true.

The nice thing about this claim is that if it’s true, we’ll all be able to celebrate! And if it isn’t we’ll probably be some district in The Hunger Games by then. Or maybe those things are the same. Who knows! (Eh, eh? I can do topical.)

My position on hugging remains unchanged. Keith was worried that I was taking the campaign too literally. To be clear, I fear the lack of economic diversification on the Iron Range MORE THAN HUGGING. If hugging was a solution I … I suppose (blurg) … I suppose I would hug people.

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