Jobs, jobs, joints: Marijuana in a mining town

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that a biotech company is exploring an abandoned copper mine in Michigan’s upper peninsula for the cultivation of medical marijuana, recently legalized in the Wolverine State.

Stop what you are doing. Watch this video from the Detroit Free Press:

Is this the future of northern Minnesota’s Iron Range? They’re talking about 300 “farming” jobs in an old mine. We’ve gone bonkers for a lot less around here.

Oh, man. This story references Bubble Boy. I have no words. I am watching the video and writing this.

Apparently pro-mining forces are arguing that the pot might get in the way of nonspecific future mining. Dude, after a bit we’ll clear that mountain with our minds. We’ll call it minding. If it wasn’t grown it was probably minded. Woah

Well, I have long called for an economic future that involves bringing younger, creative people to the Range to self-generate a new economy. Ends? Means? You decide.

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