Tall Ships will return to Duluth harbor in 2013

UPDATE: Fresh info on how to see Tall Ships 2013.

In 2010, the talk of Duluth and the surrounding region was tall ships. Masted wooden sailing vessels sailed into Duluth for a week of maritime festivities. Was it a big deal? Yes, according to a press release on WDIO.com:

Tall Ships Duluth 2010 was the single largest event in the region’s history with an estimated direct economic impact of $15 million in addition to millions of dollars of worldwide publicity.

Visit Duluth is announcing that tall ships will return July 24-30, 2013. In fact:

While it may be difficult for some to imagine a Tall Ships festival larger than 2010, with over 225,000 visitors and nine Tall Ships, we are planning an even bigger event for 2013.

We will have to search deep within ourselves to conceive of numbers larger than nine and 225,000. Some have said such numbers are theoretical. The known world will end and a new one will begin.

Tall Ships.

UPDATE: Tickets now on sale.

Photo: A shot I took of Tall Ships 2010.

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