Bob Dylan receives Medal of Freedom today

Today President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will recognize several recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Among them is Duluth-born and Hibbing-raised musician and poet Bob Dylan.

The Medal of Freedom is the nation’s top civilian honor, conferred upon people determined to have made meritorious contributions to the interests of the United States.

We just wrapped up Dylan Days in Hibbing this weekend. Among other things, we were happy to note this honor for the kid known locally as Bobby Zimmerman. The story of Dylan and his relationship with his home state (and region) is fodder for much writing. Be it known today that such a high honor for a product of Iron Range schools is a cause for celebration. Perhaps if this were a hockey star or labor politician they’d have parades scheduled. But I doubt Dylan would much care for a parade anyway.

UPDATE: The New York Times shares a photo and account of the ceremony.

And C-Span coverage of Dylan’s big moment:

No crosstalk. No drama. Social awkwardness. Very Minnesotan.


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