‘Mining Truth’ expands nonferrous debate to economics

Today, a collection of environmental groups launched a campaign called Mining Truth, an effort to engage conversation about the actual economic benefits of nonferrous mining in northeastern Minnesota. It appears to be the most substantial effort to date to discredit the economic claims of mining supporters and developers in the region. Aaron Klemz has a post over at the new blog LeftMN on the topic that effectively summarizes the argument.

I’ve often said that the debate on this issue is off the mark. Mining opponents are based in an environmental argument that assumes the worst. Mining supporters are put in an opposing corner offering economic arguments that are often outlandish.

Well, if the Hug a Ranger campaign represented one take on the economic benefits of non-iron mining on the Iron Range, Mining Truth is another. This time the arguments center on the economy, which is probably what the local voting population cares about the most.

I’ll be on MPR’s The Daily Circuit Thursday at about 10 a.m. talking about the economic and political role of mining on today’s Iron Range. Will these mines be permitted? How? Tune in to your local MPR news affiliate or listen online.

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