Nolan cruises to MN-8 DFL endorsement

Former U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan easily won a first-ballot endorsement for Congress by DFLers in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District. The victory was expected after a string of convincing victories in local delegate selection contests over the past two months. His DFL opponents Tarryl Clark and Jeff Anderson will challenge Nolan for the nomination in the August DFL primary.

The winner will face freshman U.S. Rep. Chip Cravaack (R-MN8) in one of the most anticipated Congressional races of the year.

From the Nolan camp:

(DULUTH, MN) — Eighth District DFL Convention delegates voted overwhelmingly today to make former Minnesota Congressman Rick Nolan of Crosby their standard bearer in the fall race against Rep. Chip Cravaack.
Official convention vote totals were as follows:  Rick Nolan 133 (76%), Jeff Anderson 17.5 (10%), Tarryl Clark 0 (0%), Undecided 3 (0.1%), and No Endorsement 21.5 (12%).  Total Ballots 175.
Nolan, who entered the race last summer declaring that unsustainable wars, debt and unemployment have put America at a perilous tipping point, received the endorsement on the first ballot with 76 percent of the vote following a speech focusing on a renewed vision for Congress, reinvestment in America’s infrastructure and an end to the “right wing wars on workers, women, seniors, students, and the middle class.”

Anderson’s campaign released the following:

… this race is about more than party insiders, and the real race for this seat begins later tonight.  While the handful of party regulars that decided this endorsement are celebrating the completion of the process, our campaign will be hitting the streets to help encourage new voters to enter the process.  Later tonight, we will be hosting a party where we will help new voters register at our party to celebrate the closing night of the Duluth Homegrown music festival. 
The last election proved that we can no longer rely on the base of support that had kept this district safely in Democratic hands for generations.  It is also clear that voters are looking for new 21st Century leadership to drive our region forward.  This race isn’t about rekindling the past or looking for a fresh start.  It is time for a new homegrown campaign with new ideas and a new leader for the 21st century.  I believe we have the energy and grassroots support to enact this change, and I am excited to kick off the next phase of our homegrown campaign tonight. 

Clark, like Anderson, greeted delegates at the convention expressing no ambitions of winning the endorsement. She sent out her statement before the voting began, referring to her entrance in “The People’s Primary.”

All of these candidates firmly believe they would be most able to defeat Cravaack in November. Earlier analysis of the race here and here.

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