The untold perils of media consolidation

I write a column for the Hibbing Daily Tribune, which is part of the Superior Publishing Group, a division of American Consolidated Media of Texas, itself a division of a vast international company, the name of which I forget. Australian bankers, mostly. When the Superior Publishing group reorganized its management structure a year ago — eliminating many publisher/GM positions in favor of a regional manager overseeing most of northern Minnesota’s newspapers — there were many fears. Some feared the loss of local control over community newspaper content. Some feared further consolidation and a lack of resources to report news at small dailies. Some feared the loss of jobs.

But I don’t think anyone would have predicted that the new regional manager would get busted in a prostitution sting. Lady Fate, you bring so many surprises.


  1. Interesting the Duluth News online scrubbed this story and any reference to it the very next morning, but it stayed on the GR and Hibbing websites.

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