Floods wash out Duluth, much of northern region

Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin have seen some historic flooding in the past 12 hours, mostly due to flash floods and overwhelmed storm sewers from an unrelenting rain which continues at this hour. No travel is advised in Duluth, Superior, the North Shore and in other parts of the region. The city of Duluth is all but shut down today.

Duluth appears to be the worst-hit, though towns like Floodwood, Grand Rapids and others along the Highway 2 and 169 corridor have seen flooding. Superior and parts of northwestern Wisconsin are also under the water hammer now.

We were in Grand Rapids last night for the boys’ swim lessons and it took us a long time just to leave the city as many of the main routes were underwater. Some cars and trucks were getting through, but one or two had stalled out and police were closing the roads. That appears to be nothing compared to the water in Duluth, Carlton County and other places.

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