Iron Range Maidens host international roller derby bout

So you know about Friday’s jazz concert and next week’s Great Northern Radio Show, but if you need even more Iron Range-based entertainment consider this Saturday night’s Iron Range Maidens roller derby bout.

The Iron Range Maidens will face the Babes of Thunder of Thunder Bay, Ontario, in the team’s first international smackdown. The bout starts at 5 p.m. at the IRA Civic Center in Grand Rapids. They’re on the metric system in Canada. Does that make the women bigger or smaller? WE WILL FIND OUT!

On the B-side of the ticket the Maidens B-team the “Attackonites” will face a new team from St. Cloud called S.C.A.R.

I’ve watched the Maidens play before. If you’ve never seen a roller derby match you should try it. It is everything you expect in addition to nothing you expect.

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