Plan a Great Northern Twin Turtles weekend for your hip dad (or your hip self)

If you’re like me, your weekend was consumed by a massive garage sale, purging the tangible evidence that the small boys in your house were ever babies. OK, that’s a mite specific. But my point is maybe you’d like next weekend to be even more hip and happening than this one. We know it might be a hot one.

Well, you should of course check out my Great Northern Radio Show, airing live from Central Lakes College in Brainerd on Saturday. (Live show 5-7, free tickets if you call KAXE at 218-326-1234 during the week). We’re taking some creative risks on this one and it should be entertaining.

Then, extend the weekend with a Fathers Day Twins game Sunday afternoon at Target Field, which I just learned will include musical interludes from the Duluth-based progressive bluegrass band Trampled by Turtles. I don’t know the ticket situation for this game; I only know that would be a pretty sweet weekend.

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