Clinton endorses Clark in MN-8; candidates debate in Grand Rapids

Interesting. Former President Bill Clinton just endorsed Tarryl Clark in the MN-8 DFL primary. Clark announced the Clinton endorsement in the form of a fundraising e-mail.

Not sure what a personal endorsement does in this race. Rick Nolan has former Rep. Jim Oberstar, for instance. And Jeff Anderson has Northland native and comedian Maria Bamford, who was just on a very funny episode of “Louie” in which she has bad sex with Louie CK.

Really, this has been an unusual election.

Meantime, the DFL candidates debated last night in Grand Rapids. WDIO was there. Rep. Chip Cravaack was invited but the tone of the debate, focused largely on DFL primary issues, probably kept him away. As mentioned, he’ll be on Almanac tonight.

UPDATE: I rather enjoy Jeff Anderson’s response to this endorsement:

Duluth (Minn) – The following is a statement from Eighth Congressional District candidate Jeff Anderson in response to today’s news that former president Bill Clinton has endorsed Tarryl Clark’s campaign. 

“This endorsement perfectly encapsulates one of the primary differences between me and my competitors in this race.  While I have been talking to the people who live and work right here in the Eighth, my opponents have been racing all around the country to find outsiders like President Clinton to prop up their efforts. 

A simple review of this race’s fundraising reports prove my point.  While I trail both in fundraising totals, they each trail me substantially in reported financial support drawn from the Eighth Congressional District.  While nearly half of my donors live and work in the district, and nearly all of it from within the state, Tarryl Clark has received less than two percent of her financial support from within the district, and Rick Nolan is under eight percent. 

There is a reason I have earned the endorsements of Tom Rukavina from Pike Lake, Tony Sertich from Chisholm, Don Ness from Duluth and Carly Melin from Hibbing.  

In the end of the day, I am more focused on winning the support of Wynona Clinton of Eveleth than I am the support of Bill Clinton of Westchester New York.”  

The former president is just some friggin’ guy from New York. That’s hardcore Iron Rangerism.


  1. On Aug 14 it will be close. What’s a party endorsement worth? Ask Gov/Sen Mark Dayton. If Tarryl Clark is a Packsacker, I hope it’s a Duluth Pack. IMHO, she is our best qualified for Congress.

  2. This is why Rangers love Jeff. He says it like it is. We don’t need someone from out of this area or out of this decade to represent us. We need someone with local roots who isn’t afraid to tell the truth. Jeff’s that guy.

  3. Chip Cravaak is the only logical choice. I am a steelworker and cannot imaging voting for any anti-mining, anti-business pack sacker. Professional, travelling politicians like Clark are the bane of politics. Term limits come to mind.

  4. Does anyone really care anymore what Clinton thinks? I mean Bill. I wish we had elected his wife for president. We would be in much better shape. Hillary has credibility, Bill is a non-issue.

  5. So are we to assume Basia is not a union member ? Supporting a Republican( the party that has NEVER supported unions or ever will) would indicate that must be the case.

  6. Jackie-Yes, Basia is a union member. I have also owned a small business for over 15 years. I support business because that is where people WORK! I used to manage section 8 housing and I have seen first hand for many years the dysfunction and pain that the “great society” and the democrats have wrought with their social programs of UNEARNED entitlements. Get those folks to work. Something for nothing is never worth it.

  7. You go Basia!!!

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