Great Northern Radio Show Brainerd episode chuffs onto MP3

The downloadable MP3 of the Brainerd edition of my Great Northern Radio Show is now available at Please give it a listen as it is probably our sharpest overall program. Certain sections are good while others are excellent, but the general mix is diverse and hits the harder edge we’ve been looking for.

We still have a lot of room to improve, but I am so proud of how we’re managing large, rotating groups of north woods people into a cohesive, professional sound. We’re not A Prairie Home Companion yet, but we are playing AAA ball and developing. The exciting part is that we’re finding a voice that is unique from Prairie Home even though both shows are Minnesota-based variety programs. That was an obvious worry when we started.

The Great Northern Radio Show tours small towns and forgotten theaters, bringing to life the untold stories of people and place. We mine the past for material with an eye to what it means now and in the future. We turn our stage over to young, rising musicians from the places we go. We highlight the talent and the value of the the flown-over, the driven-past and laid-off. We are from the Iron Range and we go where the rails go.

Thanks as always to KAXE-Northern Community Radio for investing in this program with time and resources. Thanks to our chief underwriter, the Iron Mining Association of Minnesota. And thanks to you for your support through the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Amendment.

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