Mt. Iron approves resolution opposing marriage amendment

I never got to follow up on this because of last week’s power outage, but if you missed it the Mountain Iron City Council last Monday approved a resolution opposing the marriage amendment on this November’s ballot. I had written about how the Iron Range region is a major battleground in this debate. Mountain Iron is the oldest city on the Mesabi Range and its decision carries some symbolism. I was looking for local media coverage of this vote but there wasn’t any to be found, so I’ve linked to the Minnesotans United for All Families press release.

Mt. Iron City Councilor Tony Zupancich appears to have taken a leadership role in advancing and passing this resolution.


  1. I would think that the more we leave government out of our personal lives no matter what type of family arrangement the better. This is something that I just don’t see the need for government to regulate.

  2. I fully agree..the government should stay out of the business of re-defining marriage…including Mt. Iron. What a waste of my time and money to have the city council even discuss this issue…

  3. Kudos to the city council for standing up for ALL Americans

  4. Yes, ALL Americans obviously agree with the evil action of the Mt Iron City Council.

  5. The evil action ? Really, Mr Gray, get a grip…unless you were being sarcastic?

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