Trampled by Actual Turtles

Fans of northern Minnesota’s music scene know well the progressive bluegrass band Trampled by Turtles. But have any of us ever contemplated what it would be like to actually be trampled by turtles? I think not.

The Consumerist has the story of 1,600 turtles who slowly escaped a Georgia turtle farm. Scrap metal thieves apparently absconded with the fencing and, well, turtles be turtles. I like how a turtle escape really is more of a demographic shift than a true “escape.” Generations of turtles gradually make their way out into the world, colonizing different areas and cross-breeding with new genetic lines. In this regard, I am reflective of my family’s “escape” from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in the early 1900s.

FYI: It’s a buyers market for turtles. This guy’s resigned disregard to losing his turtle farm population is remarkable.

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