Actual congressional candidate challenges opponents to watch "The Campaign" with him

In a sign that life imitates satire of life imitating art (with all politics being local), MN-8 DFL candidate Jeff Anderson has invited his opponents Rick Nolan and Tarryl Clark to watch “The Campaign” with him tonight in Duluth.

“The Campaign” is the Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis comedy spoofing a congressional race between a clueless incumbent and, well, a clueless challenger. Reviews are decent.

WHO: Congressional Candidate Jeff Anderson
WHAT: Movie night with the candidates
WHEN: Starts at 9:30 p.m. Friday (Aug. 10)
WHERE: Marcus Duluth 10 (300 Harbor Drive, Duluth)
WHY: Running for congress is daunting at times. The three Democrats facing off next Tuesday have all been on the campaign trail for months, and could use a good laugh. Jeff Anderson will be buying three tickets to the opening night of the movie The Campaign, with hopes that Rick Nolan and Tarryl Clark will join him after the day’s last call is made and last door is knocked. He’ll meet them in the lobby at 9:15 p.m.

Anderson stated:
“It’s been a long year of campaigning and Rick, Tarryl and I always see each other at events but we rarely get to share a moment to relax and laugh. I thought with this movie coming out it might be nice for us to get together, share a laugh and maybe pick up a few tips for the last few days of the campaign. I have already picked up the three tickets. I invite their campaign teams to come as well.”

I want very much for Nolan and Clark to join Anderson at this movie because that is exactly how this should end.

Here’s video of Anderson’s invitation.

UPDATE: I am informed that Tarryl Clark has accepted Anderson’s offer and will be joining Jeff with her husband Doug. Because Anderson bought the tickets, Clark is picking up the popcorn. Rick Nolan politely decined because he is on an 18-county tour and is on the other side of the district. Nolan offered to join Anderson after the election for dinner, drinks and a show.

Get on down to the Marcus Duluth 10 tonight folks. Someone’s going to punch a baby.

(That is a movie reference, by the way. Though if a real baby is really punched I’m going to regret missing this).

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