Dylan’s long journey still echoes home

As a regular reader of the AV Club (a pop culture offshoot of The Onion), it was a treat to come across a story about Bob Dylan’s connection to Hibbing. Writer Sean O’Neal interviews my friend Linda Stroback Hocking of Zimmy’s and tours the town. He comes to a conclusion that seems about right to me:

In truth, if Dylan has any misgivings about his origins, it probably had less to do with Hibbing itself than the natural attitude of anyone who believes they’re destined for bigger things. Dylan wanted to reinvent himself. Hibbing wanted to remain the same. But in his songs you can hear him reaching back for those roots, that sense of a compass searching for a direction home. Some part of Bob Dylan must be reassured knowing that it’s still there. 

You can watch the video of the story here:

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