Gauthier changes mind; opts to end campaign

Rep. Kerry Gauthier (DFL-Duluth) has now dropped his bid for re-election according to WDIO. He had earlier announced he would continue his campaign despite the sex scandal that caused many DFL and GOP leaders to call for his withdrawal or resignation.

Gauthier appears to have changed his mind after a strong negative reaction to this news. There was talk of a move to do some kind of public rebuke on the House floor during Friday’s special session. This would have been very complicated as the session was being held to allocate flood relief to Duluth, including Gauthier’s district.

It’s not known whether any sort of discipline will still take place Friday after Gauthier’s announcement, or how the DFL will respond to the prospect of a write-in campaign. But after a very tumultous news cycle this story has returned to its previous position: mild chaos.

UPDATE: Northland’s NewsCenter has now released the full video of their interview with Kerry Gauthier. It’s well worth a watch or read. This was before his decision to drop out of the race, but does give you his first public apology and explanation of what’s been happening with him in recent days.

At this point, one can only wish him the very best in his recovery and in his life. In time, he may find the ability to serve the community again. It’s been a very heated, emotional debate over this issue. I think Kerry did the right thing to withdraw from the race and hope you join me in respecting his decision and his efforts here on.


  1. Thank you for the link to the interview. I was one who judged too quickly. It was an eye opening –no, make that heart-opening–interview. People are so much more than the sum of their bad judgement calls. It’s a lesson I need to keep learning again and again.

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