Social issues make for tricky politics in MN-8

I hadn’t mentioned this earlier, but I talked to Catherine Rychart at MPR this week about social issues in Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District race.

In short, different congressional campaigns around the state are seeing very different reactions to the infusion of social issues — particularly Missouri GOP Senate nominee Todd Akin’s comments about rape and abortion. I argue that here in the 8th, DFLers are less likely to bring up the choice/life debate or even gay rights because of the influence of a strong band of DFL voters who are socially conservative.

This is changing a little, however, as more socially conservative voters end up tracking toward the Republican party anyway. In fact, I’d argue that 8th District Republicans are among the most socially conservative GOP voters in the state.


  1. District 8 is the only place I’ve seen a Marriage Amendment Vote Yes sign.

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