Two ‘Great Northern’ alumni in Saturday Reif Center show

The Reif Center in Grand Rapids is holding the 3rd Annual Reif Top Ten Talent Search Saturday night at 7. This isn’t some random collection of wannabees, but rather a tested, auditioned group of 10 regional musicians, dancers and performers.

I’m excited to see two performers from my Great Northern Radio Show in the mix. Iris Kolodji of Hibbing and Sonny Johnson of Bemidji, both singer-songwriters who just graduated high school, will be among the 10 contestants. The Hibbing paper talked to Iris. They’re both excellent and have appeared multiple times on our first season of radio programs.

The Reif Center in Grand Rapids is one of the reasons life here in northern Minnesota is so dang enjoyable. You get the woods and waters, and then you have access to some underrated cultural activity as well. This ought to be a great show, so go check it out if you can.

An added aside, the Great Northern Radio Show will broadcast our summer 2013 show from the Reif Center. We’re working on putting together an extra special show for that occasion, by far our biggest theater yet. Our next show is Oct. 20 from the Boardman Theater at Eveleth-Gilbert High School in Eveleth. This is also in a bigger theater venue than we’re used to, so we’re trying to shoehorn in as much excitement as possible.

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