World music instrument-plosion to occur in northern MN

The folk/world band Four Schillings Short will be performing in Grand Rapids and Nevis this week.

When was the last time you heard a Sitar & a Krumhorn in the same concert or Renaissance dance tunes played on Medieval Psaltery or Recorders and Banjo mixed with music from Scotland? For the musically curious a Four Shillings Short concert is an experience not to be missed. We are 21st century bards who play over 30 world instruments and have a great story to tell.

Their first show is tonight at 8 in Nevis at the Terrapin Station at 115 Main Street in Nevis. A $5-$10 donation is requested. On Friday morning at 11:30 they do a free family concert under the Rotary Tent on the Mississippi River in Grand Rapids. This is located near the Grand Rapids Public Library and KAXE. They will then play Saturday night at Brewed Awakenings in Grand Rapids for a $5 cover.

ELWOOD BLUES (bullhorn): That’s Four Schillings Short. World music with over 30 world instruments. That’s a lot of instruments.

JAKE BLUES (muffled): For $5.

ELWOOD: For $5.

(Or free, in the case of Friday’s lunchtime show)

In case you’re wondering, the gal’s name is Christy Martin and the guy’s name is Aodh Og O’Tuama. So they don’t just play all the instruments, they also use all the Scrabble tiles.

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