AUDIO SPECIAL: Feel lucky? Try my superstition sketch

A while back I stopped posting promos for my appearances on “Between You and Me.” It was hard to make the sentiment “Listen to me! Take interest in my work!” compelling in the blog format, which already implies so much of that. But that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped writing and producing for this unique public radio program. In fact, I’m having more fun with it than ever. So now I’m going to share past essays from Between You and Me and other KAXE programs here at MinnesotaBrown with this occasional audio feature.

Every once in a while I take the format of public radio commentary and turn it into an opportunity for a radio sketch. During a July 2012 program with the theme “superstitions,” I ran with the premise of an overly exuberant owner of a shop that specializes in ladder rental and salt distribution recording a radio ad. What could go wrong?

If you don’t have Flash, you can direct download or listen to the essay here.

You can hear me on “Between You and Me” most every Saturday morning. The show airs 10 a.m. to noon on Northern Community Radio, KAXE and KBXE. I also produce and host the seasonal Great Northern Radio Show with our next broadcast happening on Oct. 20 from Eveleth.


  1. Hot diggity damn. I loves me some Black Cat Ladder and Salt ya’ll. Puh-leez tell me this character is gonna go a wolf huntin’ in the future.

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