Steelworkers, ArcelorMittal struggle for a labor deal

We know that U.S. Steel and the Steelworkers have a labor deal. Cliffs Natural Resources and the Steelworkers have a temporary deal while they resolve final disagreements. These two companies control the largest mines on the Iron Range of northern Minnesota. But a deal between ArcelorMittal and the Steelworkers appears to be farther behind the others.

ArcelorMittal owns and operates the Minorca Mine north of Virginia (formerly Inland Steel). This is one of the smaller mines on the Range, but produces a taconite largely for the domestic steel market. The union has presented an offer and expects a response this morning during another negotiating session.

Yesterday, Steelworkers at Minorca held a “practice” picket, demonstrating their willingness to strike if a deal is not found.

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