Here upon my return from the South

It was a glorious trip to Atlanta last week, one I decided not to encumber with blogging efforts. Over the next few days I’ll share some photos and thoughts about my first meaningful trip south of the Mason-Dixon line.

But by now readers I’m sure most of you are concerned with what Gov. Pappy O’Daniel in “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” referred to simply as “the upcomin.'” Yes, there is the small matter of the 2012 election, which has been discussed here and elsewhere at great length since the conclusion of the 2010 election. Perhaps there is some small hope of a delay before the commencement of 2014 analysis, but that is a child’s dream more than any real possibility.

Later today I’ll have notes on some northern Minnesota races and recent occurrences. Readers seeking escape from politics might also be interested in my upcoming Great Northern Radio Show, broadcasting live from Eveleth on Saturday, Oct. 20. Above you can see the hotel room where the script was written, a first for me. Hotel rooms are fine places to write scripts.

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