Vice President Biden to visit Superior on Friday

The campaign stops are coming fast and furious. Vice President Joe Biden will speak in Superior, Wisconsin this Friday. It’s a dual-purpose stop, catching the swing region of northwestern Wisconsin, a vital swing state, and reinforcing the Duluth, Minnesota, media market on that side of the bridge. As you may know, Bill Clinton will speak in Minnesota today and a possible Romney-Ryan visit to the region is also possible.

I’ll have more on this when details are released. Biden’s visit is listed as dependent on weather conditions.

Having attended college and grad school in Superior, I can confirm that Biden and Superior will form a well-constructed literary theme.

Fun Facts about Superior:

  • Idiots call it Sup-Town (Soup Town).
  • It existed before Duluth, even though it’s now overshadowed by its larger Minnesota sister-city.
  • It’s ethnic composition and layout closely mirror Iron Range towns, full of European immigrants who came to work in the late 1800s and early 1900s.
  • Richard Bong was a vaunted WWII test pilot from Superior who died serving his country. That’s why the bridge and other sites in town are named “Bong.” So stop laughing.
  • The trains that passed a couple hundred feet from my family’s trailer house on the Iron Range went to Superior to unload ore into the big lakers heading east on Lake Superior.
  • Superior is my nomination for capitol of the State (or Republic, if necessary) of Superior, a concept first developed in the early-1800s.


  1. Joe attended school in Superior? I think you mean Syracuse.

  2. I attended school in Superior.

    “Having attended college and grad school in Superior, I can confirm…” The initial clause relates to the following pronoun. I am the author of the post, writing in the first person.

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