Week brings political sparring, radio showmanship

I’ve been underground for a couple days, on the mend from a bad cold and ear infection. I’m not all the way back yet but aim to be ready for the busy week ahead.

Later this morning I’ll post the live feed for the third debate between Chip Cravaack and Rick Nolan in Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District. I’ll also have some thoughts about happenings in that race, which seems to have reached its sweaty, bruised nadir.

Minnesota Public Radio is producing a new podcast for state political news called Policast. I was honored to be a guest on the first one last week. I talked about Range politics with Cathy Wurzer. If you’d like to hear that episode, check it out here.

I see that some fellow jumped out of a balloon from the stratosphere. That’s always good for some perspective. Felix Baumgartner is the first person to break the sound barrier without the aid of a machine. I’m just going to call that the headline of the year. Really, the rest is getting a little old.

Of additional, albeit lesser note, this week I prepare for the Great Northern Radio Show, which returns to the airwaves of KAXE/KBXE Northern Community Radio this Saturday in Eveleth. The reason I’m focusing on rest right now is that it currently hurts to talk or make facial expressions, which — for the record — are two of the three things I do for money in this world (I also poke letters on a keyboard). This kind of ailment has hit me before major events in the past and, to date, I’ve always managed a strong recovery. In some ways it helps to have the distraction before the show because I emerge grateful for the gift of speech and the opportunity to do what I do.

This show will be a musical treat and we continue our experimentation with hyper-local comedy for a wide audience.

The show will air from 5-7 p.m. on 91.7 KAXE in most of northeastern Minnesota, 90.5 KBXE in Bemidji and north central Minnesota and 89.9 Brainerd. You may listen online at www.kaxe.org.

Please join us for the live performance at the Boardman Auditorium at Eveleth-Gilbert Senior High School by 4:30 p.m. Admission is free, but we do ask that you arrive by then. To guarantee a seat call KAXE at 218-326-1234. We expect there to be room for everyone who wants to attend, so just show up if you aren’t sure.

Finally, KAXE will be starting its fall membership drive. Please consider joining or renewing your membership during our show. This wonderful station is unlike anything you’ll hear anywhere else in the world. The Great Northern Radio Show is only possible because of their unique and creative mission. Your support of KAXE keeps us on the air.

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