Cravaack talks fiscal cliff, uncertain future in MinnPost

Outgoing Rep. Chip Cravaack (R-MN8) gives an interesting interview with Devin Henry of MinnPost. He is gracious to election winner, Rep.-elect Rick Nolan (D-MN8), but isn’t prepared to say what he’ll do next. Seems like an awful lot is up in the air. He also comments on the current “fiscal cliff” negotiations that he’ll be a part of until his term expires in January.

My impression of Cravaack has always been that when you get him away from the hyper-partisan environment of national politics he comes across as a very genuine, likeable guy. Conservative, yes, but also reasonable and open-minded. He was much less approachable after time in Washington, at least to me. That is an affliction, perhaps, inevitable to service in today’s national political realm.

I’m not sure if Cravaack got a future in this district or not, but even if Cravaack ultimately only serves one term he’s snatched a line in the books of northern Minnesota’s fascinating political history.

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