Finish your Iron Range holiday shopping with this book

If you’re looking for a off-beat gift idea for anyone with a connection or curiosity about northern Minnesota, consider my book, “Overburden: Modern Life on the Iron Range.” It’s a couple years old, now, but has aged well in that I’d only add minor revisions after recent events.

“Overburden” is a blend of personal memoir and history, comparable with Sarah Vowell or Bill Bryson’s style.

You can order online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. (Amazon lists us as out of stock, but if you order they restock from the warehouse. A minor frustration).

I’d encourage you to patronize some of the local northern Minnesota stores that carry the book. In fact, you can get signed editions of the book at regular price at the following locations:

  • Howard Street Booksellers in Hibbing
  • Village Bookstore in Grand Rapids
  • MacRostie Art Gallery in Grand Rapids

In 2010 I made a rather weak effort to write a novel. Since then I’ve started the Great Northern Radio Show, which has absorbed the bulk of my sideline writing and production time. I still have a roster of stories I plan to write into some kind of format in coming years, anything from novels, to novellas, to scripts, to some kind of multi-media e-books. I haven’t decided. The publishing industry is changing very quickly, so I plan to work on the stories and see which form seems appropriate when I’m in the midst of it all.

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