Live MPR, Uptake election feeds at MinnesotaBrown

You can read my live blog with northern Minnesota results, but I’m also proud to partner with two extraordinary news organizations, Minnesota Public Radio and The Uptake, to provide additional live coverage of Election Day and vote reports. I’d recommend you keep this post and the live blog in separate browser windows to get the full experience. These, and the Secretary of State’s website and a TV or radio is all you’ll need to experience Minnesota’s Election Day 2012 in full fashion.

First, MPR has six journalists covering the election all the way to the end. Follow their feed and more below the jump.

I may end up participating in some live web coverage at later tonight.

Meanwhile, The Uptake is providing a “channel changer” allowing web viewing of election night coverage from their affiliated journalists:

Don’t forget to click over to my live blog (in a separate window, if you wish to keep these feeds going) for northern Minnesota perspective on the returns.

Please support MPR and The Uptake, non-profit public media organizations, with your donations today. Their services throughout this campaign have been invaluable.

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