Next Minneapolis police chief has northern MN roots

Tomorrow the Minneapolis City Council is expected to confirm acting police chief Janee Harteau as the permanent chief of police of Minnesota’s largest urban area. Reaction to Harteau at a hearing yesterday was very positive.

The story is generating a lot of attention because Harteau would be the city’s first female police chief and the first Native American police chief in any large U.S. city. But of local significance, these facts: Harteau is a Duluth native and 1987 graduate of the Hibbing Community College law enforcement program.

HCC has trained several of the top law enforcement officials around Minnesota, and this is yet another cause for celebration among my colleagues.*

UPDATE (11/30): The city council has confirmed the appointment and Mayor Rybak has signed the action appointing Harteau as police chief.

* DISCLAIMER: I am a communication instructor at Hibbing Community College where I work with, among others, law enforcement students.

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