‘Inwardly, we are being renewed’

There is no denying the dark pallor hanging over every corner of the United States after last Friday’s devastating tragedy. President Obama spoke Sunday at a memorial service for the teachers and students lost in Newtown. I share his remarkable speech here:

I also share this piece, “I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother,” by Liza Long, the mother of a mentally ill son, which has been making the rounds.

Beyond this I have nothing more to say. I grew up around guns. Don’t own any now. Mental illness abounds throughout my entire family, including my own immediate family. I have three children about the same age as those lost at Sandy Hook Elementary. I should have something to say, but I am still at a loss. It’s Christmas. Let’s be decent to one another. Just be decent.


  1. Being decent is all we can do, in times like these, I guess. It’s so heartbreaking.

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