LIVE FEED: Dayton, legislative leaders discuss 2013 agenda

Gov. Mark Dayton (DFL-Minnesota) and legislative leaders from the state House and Senate will hold a joint press conference today at 11:30 a.m. Courtesy of The Uptake, I’ll carry the event live here at Last week, state budget forecasters announced a deficit of about $1.1 billion, about what was expected. Still in the mix is the repayment of school districts for funds borrowed last biennium.

In Minnesota we don’t have a traditional “Democratic Party” like most states. Rather, we have the Democratic Farmer-Labor Party, a unique product of a mid-20th Century merger of the Democratic Party and the powerful Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party). The DFL won the House and Senate in the 2012 elections, giving them their first control of both houses and the legislature since Gov. Rudy Perpich was defeated in 1990.

You can view the live stream of the press conference below the jump. After the event, an archive will be posted if you wish to watch later.


Here is the live feed of the news conference:

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