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Our boys met Santa Claus at Bentleyville earlier this month.

Happy Christmas Eve!

I’m not really here blogging on Christmas Eve. God willing, I’m on a sled somewhere, skidding down an unsafe hill with one, two or all three of my offspring. I’m eating pickles wrapped in salami bound with cream cheese, pouring coffee down my gullet like rocket fuel, because this night goes long. I’m driving across the Iron Range, past the lights of the neighborhood, family in tow.

I know some of us poke around the internet on holidays, though, so here are some fun holiday posts from the MinnesotaBrown archives. I posted about recent holiday material yesterday.

You can’t have Christmas Eve without “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.” Last year I
updated this cherished old poem for the Information Age

Since it is Christmas Eve, here’s a piece I did for a 2010 show about Christmas Trees. I have a particular, heart-warming, nerdy thing I did as a kid involving Christmas trees and a form of proto-blogging.

Many of us are going home for Christmas. There’s something about returning to your family, your traditions, your ghosts that requires real courage. There was a nice response to this 2010 piece.

Hey, remember the Bush Administration? I know, right? In 2006 I wrote a piece detailing a run-in between Santa Claus and a heightened terror alert. Don’t worry, kids. Santa came to play.

We did a show on stockings a few years ago. Did you know how strange the story of St. Nicholas was? I found out.

What happens when Santa gets it wrong? It’s an under-reported aspect of the  Christmas story.

Finally, every Christmas must be spent with Bob in this raucous video from Dylan’s unusual 2010 Christmas album:

I won’t lie. I’ve seen an Iron Range Christmas party or two go down kind of like this.

And don’t forget, you can hear the recent Bigfork edition of the Great Northern Radio Show today at noon on Northern Community Radio. I recommend it for the drive to grandma’s house.

Merry Christmas!

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