Those Duluth prostitutes are so dressed up that they look like … not prostitutes? Wait, what?

A joke in Monday night’s “How I Met Your Mother” suggested that prostitutes in Duluth, Minnesota dress very conservatively. Because of the cold? Kind of a context thing, I think. Didn’t watch. Could have, but didn’t.

Anyway, the Duluth News-Tribune ran this as a “namedrop” in the today’s culture page. I really don’t know how to process this information right now, except that this seems like a moment for a bro to put an arm around Duluth and say, “Dude, less. Cool towns don’t do this. You can be a cool town.”

Then again, here I am writing about this. Should I have? What does this mean?

The article did inform me that Jason Segal the character played by Jason Segal, the show’s star and the man who revived the Muppets last year, is from St. Cloud. Now that makes sense. All of a sudden, I get that.

UPDATE: I have been informed by a “How I Met Your Mother” fan that Segal is not from St. Cloud, that’s his character. That still makes sense. If I were going to cast someone to play some guy from St. Cloud, I would cast Jason Segal. That’s spot on.

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