Twitter list is a big deal … you know, regionally

On Monday I’ll be posting details on the next Great Northern Radio Show next Saturday, Dec. 15, at the Edge Center for the Arts in Bigfork. I’m editing the script right now. There’ll be a lot of that next week. So no time for news today, but how about an internet narcissism break? You didn’t say yes, but here goes:

David Brauer, the media writer at MinnPost, compiled an interesting list of the top Minnesota media people on Twitter. The “#twitter1000” (which, like the Big 10, actually sprawls beyond its label to 1,045) includes a comprehensive ranking and sorting of Minnesota-focused media tweeters based on number of followers.

There are a number of minor intrigues, though the list shows that the MN Twittersphere is swarming with dudes and dominated by the Twin Cities to a large degree. Nevertheless, ol’ Brownie’s in there somewhere. See if you can find me. I think I’m #1 in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District, where they hooked up the Twitter just recently. That is, among people who live here. Very few people actually read this. You’d be surprised.

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