Iris Kolodji and friends to play two shows on the Range

One of the side benefits of hosting the Great Northern Radio Show on Northern Community Radio is meeting some of the best musicians in Minnesota. We highlight original music that tells the story of this place. We also provide an outlet for young, up-and-coming artists. It’d be an honor to know that one of them made it big someday.

I’d submit for your consideration that one of those prospects might be Iris Kolodji from Hibbing. Iris was on our first four shows and by the end of the run was writing and performing original pieces while playing guitar, ukelele and piano. We’ll have her on again in the next season.

Iris is off at the University of Minnesota now, where she’s formed an informal band of sorts with a violinist friend and a cellist friend of hers. Iris, Alia Jeraj and Rachelle Smith will perform two shows on the Iron Range this week that you should check out.

On Thursday night (free night!) at the Minnesota Discovery Center in Chisholm, the trio will play from 6-8 p.m. Saturday night they headline at Zimmy’s, the Bob Dylan-themed bar and restaurant in downtown Hibbing. From Facebook:

Iris, Alia, and Rachelle are full time students at the School of Music at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Instruments include guitar, mandolin, cello, violin and ukulele. Playing folk music, various covers, and original compositions. If you’d like to hear fine musicianship and tight harmonies, mark your calendars now!!

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