Iron Range Rep. Tom Anzelc fights cancer

Today my friend State Rep. Tom Anzelc announced he has prostate cancer. He found out after the election. It’s a tough disease, but Tom and his doctors are optimistic and have a treatment plan. His main challenge right now is the fatigue that comes from treatment. With an important session coming up, he’ll be balancing his cancer treatment with his service. It’s not ideal, but it’s important to him to continue working for people back home in Itasca and Cass counties during this time.

All I ask is for prayers for my friend, or good thoughts if that’s your style. He’s not asking for anything else, other than to bear with him as he follows through with treatment.


  1. I’m not a praying person, but most certainly send my very best wishes for a positive outcome for Tom as he begins this journey.

  2. Consider becoming a praying person Jackie. It does work. Try it.

    Tell me though…Of all the alternatives availalble to you, do you really believe “sending best wishes” is the best you can do with all you’ve been given?

  3. This post was not about religion, but about letting Tom know I am one of the many who are in his corner. But leave it to you, Ranger…..

  4. Simply tyring to help, make the world a better place…:)

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