Minnesota DNR to investigate moose population losses

WDIO reports that the Minnesota DNR is researching why moose population numbers have dropped so much in the past year.

It occurs to me that I forgot to include this graphic in my annual list of top traffic and favorite posts from 2012. I spent a whole morning on it some time ago. Anyway, I hope you like seeing it again. The original post was a total dud and just led to a lot of arguing about global warming in the comments

But can we agree that Bullwinkle has gotten himself in quite a pickle here? Can we agree that he may have, by chance, been drawn into an international game of espionage that won’t cease until he discovers the root of a sprawling mystery?


  1. Hey man. I like the arguments in the comment section. I didn’t participate in that particular one, but still, don’t we like the arguments? My feeling is that if you post something that starts arguments it is a good post. Doesn’t the arguing in the comments automatically make any particular post not a dud?

    I mean, when did the Range become like Lake Wobegon? I always viewed the Range as opposite of Wobegon. My honest description of the Range has always been, “It is the opposite of Lake Wobegon. It does not contain many people that are passive-aggressive. Rangers speak their mind. Rangers are confrontational. Rangers argue, disagree publicly, and will deal with grievances face to face etc.”

    Also, I’ve been watching so much Rocky and Bullwinkle lately. Its crazy. There are episodes on late at night, and on Netflix. The U20 hockey tournament starts at 3am Minnesota time. United States is playing in the gold medal game. Great games. Big ice sheet international style hockey. Plenty of Minnesotans on that team. That kind of hockey is so different from an NHL style game. Its way better. Anyway, Rocky and Bullwinkle are on before the games start. Ha! Long explanation.

    Have a good day…

  2. Alright, alright. Arguments are good. Point taken. I just get weary with them on my blog sometimes because the arguments tend to be between me and somebody on the internet. Good readers and smart people, mind you. But when a post seizes up at 90 views and I end up spending 90 minutes arguing about measurable climate data, I get a little grumpy, that’s all.

  3. Also, I miss Rocky and Bullwinkle being on Cartoon Network. A lot of fond memories of the old Saturday night 10-11 p.m. block of R&B and Dudley Dooright.

  4. Dude, I know. They don’t have enough selection for cartoons on tv anymore. I have been storing this up for a long time, and I need to express it. There is actually a good cartoon on that is new. It is called Gravity Falls. You should check that out if you get a chance.

    I miss when the Cartoon Network aired classic cartoons on a regular basis. But, Gravity Falls is actually a good new cartoon. Its good for children and parents. One character in Gravity Falls is called Gruncle Stan. Ha! Its so awesome.

  5. We are big fans of Gravity Falls here! I wish they would make more episodes. Yes, very cross-generational humor. The best ones are like that. We find Phineas and Ferb to be good, too. Spongebob has moments, but is often mindless.

  6. You are exactly right. Phineas and Ferb are great. Its so awesome you guys watch those shows. It feels good to know we’re on the same page. Fairly Odd Parents can be pretty good sometimes, but its about the same as Spongebob. I really wish more Gravity Falls would get released. We knew we loved that in about the first few seconds of the first episode.

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