Returning to the scene of my first login

Here’s me in the yearbook, editing the school newspaper.
Note the references to a “dark room” and “chemicals.”

Today I will return to my alma mater, Cherry High School. It occurs to me that it’s been about 12 years since I’ve even set foot in the school for my sister’s graduation. They’ve since torn down the original schoolhouse where junior year a teacher directed us across the squeaky hardwood floors to a special PC purchased by the district.

She said, “That has the internet.” And so I learned what the internet was, going home to write a terrible short story on my combination word processor/typewriter about the dangerous dystopian future this “internet” would bring. I wrote a comedy act about resisting this “internet” which was a huge hit with the middle aged teachers who represent competitive high school speech judging. I won the state championship.

A former classmate of mine @kristencooper, now a teacher and librarian at Cherry, invited me back to talk to students about using the web and social media to share information. I will tell the kids how to use Twitter to interact with vaguely famous people you otherwise might not meet. I will tell them to budget their time carefully on Facebook. Stay off the games. Have a purpose. I will then use the wifi to check my Facebook to see if people like my status update about the funny thing that I presume will happen to me later this morning. How many likes? Surely, someone must like me. Maybe now.

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