Richard III found under parking lot; Paul Harvey found on Super Bowl

Behold, a feast of links I don’t entirely know what to do with.

The bones of Richard III, one of the shortest-lived English monarchs and the last to die on the battlefield, were found in a shallow grave below a parking lot in England. The story and photos will give you something to think about.

We had one of them Super Bowls. The lights went out. The ads were mostly underwhelming. I honestly don’t know how to feel about the one that I’d normally list as my favorite, Dodge Ram’s “God Made a Farmer” tribute. It sure evoked an emotional response.

Paul Harvey was always such a reassuring voice on the radio for me growing up and I do like the way his 1978 poem read to the FFA convention pays homage to these important people. I’m not sure that it helps people understand what has happened to family farming in recent decades, a point made here in a Zap2it post by Andrea Reiher and even more pointedly by Abe Sauer on The Awl. And as Bob Collins points out, Harvey sometimes went out into the weeds on his radio show. You decide for yourself:

Speaking of radio, a MinnPost commentary by John Reinan warns of terrestrial radio’s decline. Probably true of commercial radio, but they don’t get more local or more creative than my friends and colleagues at Northern Community Radio, where most programming is still produced locally and blankets northern Minnesota over a vast network of strong signals. Reinan points out the significance of Minnesota Public Radio as well.

We’re locked in for our next edition of the Great Northern Radio Show March 9 at the Bagley High School auditorium. If I’m not seen here, I’m writing the script for that endeavor. Stay tuned.

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