Snowmobiles, art and poetry, a true Range blend

Looking for something to do on the Iron Range this weekend? Here are an assortment of options, all of which roughly coincide with e-mails that have lingered in my inbox until this present and pressing moment.

How about a snowmobile race? We’ve got solid snow pack all over the Range and if cross country skiing isn’t your thing, hell, add a motor. That usually does the trick.

Amateur and professional cross-country snowmobile racers will converge on Hoyt Lakes, Minn. [at 9 a.m.Saturday] to compete in the East Range 100 snowmobile race. The race will be sanctioned by USXC (United States X-Country) Snowmobile Racing and will be held on a closed course in and around Hoyt Lakes. The cross-country format will include racing on White Water lake, local woods, seasonal roads and various other terrain in the race format.

… “We have been seeing an average of about 150 riders at every event so far this season,” said USXC circuit owner Brian Nelson. “Though the Pro class is our premier class, the majority of our racers are amateur racers out having a good time.”

More at

The MacRostie Art Gallery in Grand Rapids is hosting an exhibit for the rest of the month entitled “Mineview.”

As both an architect and artist, Aaron Squadroni finds that the process of art-making is a form of research and inspiration for his work as an architect. Similarly, his architectural designs influence and motivate has artistic explorations. By closely examining his surroundings through photography, collage, drawing, and painting he finds new ways of engaging with buildings and the environment. His exhibition at MacRostie Art Center will consist of hand drawn images and mixed media works that focus on a landmark that is an integral part of northern Minnesota’s identity: iron mines.

More on that here.

You could always write this weekend. That’s what I’ll be doing.

For writers and poets, I got this link for poets to submit work for consideration in becoming Minnesota’s state poem, at least according to City Pages. This relates to a whole back story and controversy over whether it’s even appropriate to have a state poem, but I expect the author of the “state poem” won’t mind the publicity. The deadline is Feb. 22.

This reminds me that we’re still taking poems and short stories for the Dylan Days B.J. Rolfzen Memorial Creative Writing Contest. The deadline for that is March 3 and the topic can be anything, though it’s always nice to see Minnesota stories and poems in the international mix.

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