The Saturday Evening Post is so screwed right now

Tarnations! The U.S. Postal Service is dropping Saturday home delivery in August. Now my Time Magazine won’t come until Monday, which is the same day my new e-edition of Newsweek is waiting to be downloaded on my iPad but that I usually don’t download because who has that kind of bandwidth? We have limited bandwidth! I opened my Newsweek the other day and President Obama’s voice came out. Wife says, “I thought you already watched that?” I did! It’s the Newsweek. It’s talking to me. Bandwidth!

I am caught between two very disparate worlds, each unable to serve my specific situation!

I guess I’ll just have to rely more on the local paper, which ran a “Dear Abby” promo as a skybox on the front page layout.

Boom. That happened.

So I guess life will get better when the FCC follows through with recent plans to create a universal wifi network across the nation. Nope, that’s not likely either.

You and me, reader. We’ll get through this.

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