UMD students declared hottest in the nation

A typical UMD student when not wearing parka.

A website called DateMySchool has named the University of Minnesota at Duluth as the U.S. college with the hottest student body. Hotness, in this case, has been measured by the number of photos from that college that have been downloaded at their creepy website.

I attended the University of Wisconsin at Superior across the bridge in the gritty railroad port town of Superior, Wisconsin. Our school was for hot people who want a small private school experience at a public school prices.

I enjoy that this Huffington Post slideshow features young woman at UMD wearing a winter coat and squinting into blowing snow. That’s pretty much how it goes.

UPDATE: I now see that the “hot” ranking referred to here is from a year ago. So, whether UMD is still the “hottest,” though still irrelevant, is at this time unknown. Perhaps, unknowable. 


  1. Haha, I just tried to sign up for that website, and it told me that the University of Wisconsin-Superior “doesn’t exist”. It has every other UW school, though. I feel slightly insulted.

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