Great Northern Radio Show preview: Mary Bue

It’s coming! The spring edition of my Great Northern Radio Show hits the stage of the Bagley High School auditorium and airwaves of Northern Community Radio this upcoming Saturday, March 9. The show airs from 5-7 p.m. and free tickets are still available by calling KAXE at 800-662-5799. Find out more about the show and make plans to join us in Bagley, in your car, in your living room or through those giant headphones that are so hip* and cool**.

I’ve been showcasing some of the talent we have lined up for the show this week. Next up, Mary Bue, the Duluth-based singer/songwriter/pianist who’ll be on the show with guitar accompaniment by Kyle Maclean.

In addition to playing several of her original tunes, Mary will be filling in for our own Nickolai Koivunen on house piano, providing the lively soundtrack people seem to enjoy in our odd little program. Nickolai got a job working as a boomer on a power plant shutdown. Unlike us, he will be harnessed to some kind of pulley system, banging on metal objects with what I can only presume will be a giant wrench of some sort. Careful with the hands, Nickolai. Careful with the hands.

Here’s Mary singing one of my favorite songs of hers on the WDSE-TV show “The Playlist” in 2012.

* dope
** smackdaddy

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