Great Northern Radio Show preview: Meet the Players!

It’s coming! The spring edition of my Great Northern Radio Show hits the stage of the Bagley High School auditorium and airwaves of Northern Community Radio this upcoming Saturday, March 9. The show airs from 5-7 p.m. and free tickets are still available by calling KAXE at 800-662-5799. Find out more about the show and make plans to join us in Bagley, in your car, in your living room or on a radio assembled from some copper wire and salt crystals.

This week I’ve been highlighting the performers who will appear in the show. First off, I don’t have a video of her, but Katie Wig from our Brainerd show will be back for the Bagley show, this time with an original number. You may recall her stunning performance of “Can’t Help Fallin’ In Love With You” last summer.

Below you can see a Lakeland TV News segment about the Great Northern from last spring’s show in Bemidji:

Sara Breeze will be joining us again in the Great Northern Radio Players, along with Mark Christensen from that same show. Erika Kooda, who was in our Bigfork show, will round out the troupe.

Several popular voices from KAXE and KBXE will also be a part of the show, along with guests from the Bagley area and elsewhere in Northern Minnesota.

Of course, that’s not to exclude our sound effects man Scott Hanson, house piano man and myself in various roles. Some of the musicians may kick in support here and there, too. Shelly Nowak is back directing the show. Kelly Gustavsson handles our stage lighting and is an associate producer for the show. Dan Houg is the ever-vital lord of sound. Mary Bue is filling in on house piano as our resident construction laborer/piano virtuoso Nickolai Koivunen builds up enough seniority in his new job to get Saturdays off. We’re lucky she was already booked in our show.

Again, join us in Bagley or on the radio.

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