Motorist delivers self into Range furniture store

Last May, a motorist plowed their car into a greeting card shop in downtown Virginia, Minnesota, producing this sarcastic offering from yours truly. (example: “I spent hours trying to pick the best car but ended up just sending this one.”)

Well, it’s starting even earlier this year, as this morning a motorist ran into the front window of a furniture store in this same Iron Range city. No one was hurt. Personally, I blame global warming.

Now, furniture jokes are a tougher medium because you don’t have the car/card pun to work with. But here goes:

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  •  “Why, yes, we do have a couch.” “No, no. I said ‘Ouch.’ I just ran through your window with my car.”
  • Zero interest until …. OH MY GOD A CAR!
  • On Range, furniture delivers YOU.
  • But did the wine spill on the mattress?
  • And those air bags are memory foam!
  • This is why grandma puts plastic on the sofa.
  • I said “put the leaf in the table,” not “put the LeSabre in the table”
  • The driver’s sleep number was “Yes.” 
  • Would you like an auto, man, with your ottoman? 
  • It could have been worse. There must have been divan intervention.

Photo: Erik Daniel Drost, Creative Commons


  1. If these things happen in threes, all I can say is, “Better get MACO.”

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