Poll shows rising opposition to new mines

A poll paid for by the Minnesota Environmental Partnership shows flagging support for copper-nickel mining in northern Minnesota. For the first time in almost five years of polling, more Minnesotans say they oppose such new mining than support it.

The question asked:

As you may know, new mines are being proposed near the Boundary Waters and Lake Superior. These are different from the traditional Minnesota iron ore mines. These new sulfide mining operations would be used to extract copper, nickel and other precious metals from underground rock formations containing sulfur. Based on this description, would you favor or oppose these new mines?

Again, this is a statewide poll of an issue with specific, local importance to northern Minnesota. It’s a snapshot that might not fully reflect public opinion or awareness. Other local issues, such as farm subsidies or feed lot regulations, might also post similar statewide numbers. But the story seems to be the drop in support from four years ago.

Naturally, everyone has an opinion. The Duluth News Tribune has the story.


  1. People in the Twin Cities should shut up regarding economic development outstate.

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