Ze editorial! Ze editorial!

I’ma go ahead and link this Bill Hanna Mesabi Daily News editorial about the state budget forecast solely because he commits to a “Fantasy Island” motif in describing how government functions. Headline: “‘Ze Plane! Ze Plane!’ bringing money to St. Paul’s Fantasy Island

Bill’s point is ultimately that government should focus on jobs, not government programs. Which is nice and all, but since the government has many purposes that have nothing to do with job creation it’s kind of a vague argument.

Who cares!

One little quibble, if you don’t already know who Tattoo was, the diminutive sidekick to a smooth-talking 1970s TV island boss Ricardo Montalbon, you start today’s reading at a severe deficit. But perhaps that’s for the best.

The best writing drives people back to the primary sources. Bill may have struck on the true crux of our situation: rich oligarchs on a privately-owned island scorching through money in a desperate, futile quest for self-validation.

I’m sure that’s what he meant, right? Well, this is for future scholars to decide. This editorial now belongs to the ages.

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