Duluth tall ship festival tickets on sale today

Tall ships docked at Duluth Harbor, 2010.

Three tall masted ships will arrive in the Port of Duluth, Minnesota, this July. If you want a ride, tickets go on sale today and officials expect they will sell out by summer.

The Tall Ships Festival is July 25-29 and if the 2010 event was any indication, this one will be enormous. My sister, a waitress in Duluth, took a job up the hill recently just to avoid the anticipated future crowds. (This is a family trait, elaborate avoidance of uncertain social interactions).

The Duluth harbor is getting to be an enormous tourism draw. It was always popular, but word is getting out that summer weather in Duluth is pretty damn nice, and Lake Superior looks like an ocean. Add to that the fact that tall ships are frickin’ awesome and you have the perfect storm.

But not, you know, that perfect storm. Sorry, shouldn’t talk like that around the wooden ships.

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