Weather coping with maps and travel guides

It’s snowing. As I sit here this evening we are being told up to nine inches of wet, heavy April snow for the Iron Range by Monday morning. I am depressed. I am not alone.
In a move she probably regrets, my wife Christina — knowing my enthisiasm for maps — sent me this Hey It’s Free! link to a post about how to order free road maps from all 50 states. Well, it took some time, but moments ago I finished requesting maps and materials from every state in the union. The only hiccup was Washington, which wanted to charge money. So, I sent a heartfelt plea to the WDOT referencing my dad’s teenage years in Spokane. In 7-28 days we will be swimming in maps.
Do I plan to go to these states? Loosely speaking, yes someday. Will I leave immediately because of the weather? Probably not. We hope it doesn’t come to that. But my actions this day should make it clear we aren’t taking anything off the table.

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