Bus service returns to the Iron Range

As the folk history of Hibbing goes, the most famous exports of this city on northern Minnesota’s Mesabi Iron Range have been iron ore, Bob Dylan and the Greyhound Bus Company. Though several bus companies joined together to form Greyhound, the earliest fore-runner was a little taxi service that brought men from the location towns to the mines near Hibbing.

Greyhound stopped serving Range towns after traffic dipped dramatically in the 1980s. (Though you can still visit the Greyhound Bus Museum in North Hibbing.) The Iron Range lost its other bus service several years ago during another economic slump.

Well, read into this what you will, but bus service is returning to the North Country. Though perhaps not as fashionable as other forms of mass transit, this is a good way for people to get from the Range to regional centers like Minneapolis — particularly for college students and people without cars.

Extended Range: Jefferson Lines Now Serving the Iron Range

MINNEAPOLIS, MN–(Marketwired – May 8, 2013) – Jefferson Lines Bus Company today announced new regional passenger bus service for Minnesota’s Iron Range, with trips beginning May 15. The new daily service starts in Grand Rapids with stops in Hibbing, Virginia, the Duluth Airport, University of Minnesota-Duluth and Jefferson Lines’ Duluth terminal. These new stops connect the Iron Range to Jefferson Lines’ extensive network of bus schedules and transit centers, connecting locations as distant as Missoula, MT, to Wichita Falls, TX, to Milwaukee, WI, with thousands of travelers’ favorite destinations in between. Cities and towns not directly serviced by Jefferson Lines can typically be reached by connecting with partner carriers, putting the entire country within range for passengers on the Iron Range.

“Duluth has long been a great location for us, an area with lots of activity, and we’re extremely pleased to extend our range into the Iron Range,” said Kevin Pursey, Jefferson Lines Director of Marketing and Culture.

The new bus routes open up a new option for Iron Range area travelers, who have not had bus service in many years. “We’ve heard from our customers in that area, and they asked us for this expansion,” said Pursey. “These locations should provide better options and more flexibility for our passengers.”

Bus schedule and fare information is available at www.jeffersonlines.com or call toll free 800-451-5333.


  1. This is good news. I’ve used Jefferson several times in the past and the experience has ranged from “frustrating but not horrible” to “quick and almost pleasant.” Price-wise, it is often considerably cheaper than driving. And, as you mention, many folks don’t have that option to begin with.

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